Printed Adult Hoodie with 'What are Protons?' Print in Peach | Long Sleeve Soft Graphic Hoodies by Curiask
Printed Adult Hoodie with 'What are Protons?' Print in White | Long Sleeve Soft Graphic Hoodies by Curiask
Printed Adult Hoodie with 'What are Protons?' Print in Gray | Long Sleeve Gray Graphic Hoodies by Curiask
Printed Adult Hoodie with 'What are Protons?' Print in Pink | Long Sleeve Pink Graphic Hoodies by Curiask
Printed Adult Hoodie with 'What are Protons?' Print in Peach | Long Sleeve Soft Graphic Hoodies by Curiask

What are Protons Hoodie

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Size chart


Men's Sizes

Width (cm)
Length (cm)
S 47 71
M 52 75
L 56.5 78.5
XL 61 82
2XL 64 83.5
3XL 68 85
4XL 75 87
5XL 80 89

Women's Sizes

Width (CM)
Length (CM)
XS 45.5 63.5
S 48 64.5
M 50.5 65.5
L 53 66.5
XL 55.5 67.5
2XL 58 68.5

Kid's Sizes

Width (CM)
Length (CM)
2 31 42
4 34 46
6 37 50
8 39.50 54
10 42 58
12 44.5 62
14 47 66


How to Measure:

  • Lay an existing t-shirt flat.
  • Body Width: Measure 3cm below armpit, from one side to the other.
  • Body Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the t-shirt.
  • Snug fit? Stick to your size. Want to chill? Size up. Ladies, you can even rock a men's tee. No worries, no judgment!

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Unisex Sizes

Body Width (cm)
Body Length (cm)
XS 49 69.5
Small 52 72
Medium 55 74.5
Large 58 77
XL 61 79.5
2XL 64 82
3XL 67 84.5
4XL 70 73
5XL 85.5 86.5

    Indulge in the mouthwatering delight of our "What are Protons?" T-Shirt, a delectable treat that combines the flavors of scientific wonder and cosmic curiosity!

    Just like a gourmet dish that tantalizes your taste buds, this scientific question takes you on a flavor-packed journey into the world of physics, specifically particle physics. Protons, the star ingredient, form the very essence of matter itself. With their positive electric charge, they dance in the nucleus of atoms, creating a symphony of atomic magic alongside their charge-neutral partner, the neutrons.

    Sink your teeth into the essence of matter as you explore the intricate nature of protons. Like the secret ingredient in a recipe, understanding protons unlocks the delicious mysteries of matter's structure and behavior. Their unique properties shape the chemical essence of elements, infusing them with atomic charm and reactivity. And let's not forget their cameo appearances in nuclear reactions, where they unleash a sizzling fusion or unleash a fiery fission.

    By savoring the question "What are protons?" and delving into its sumptuous follow-up inquiries like "What is a proton made of?" or "Where did protons come from?" you embark on a gastronomic adventure of scientific knowledge. It's a feast for the mind that nourishes your curiosity and leaves you craving for more insights into the universe.

    At Curiask, we're the chefs of curiosity, serving up a buffet of answers, discoveries, conversations, and connections. With each bite, your taste buds of knowledge awaken, and your appetite for exploration grows. It's a treasure hunt of flavorsome facts and intellectual delights, where you're the master of the culinary voyage.

    So, prepare to tantalize your senses and flick on your curiosity switch as you indulge in the yummiest "What are Protons?" T-Shirt. Take a bite, wear it proudly, and become a catalyst for change. The journey towards a world of savory discoveries begins with you!

    Remember, the most scrumptious experiences await those who dare to ask, explore, and savor the delightful flavors of knowledge. Bon appétit!

    What are protons?

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    100% combed cotton
    Regular Fit
    Mid-weight, 180 GSM
    Neck ribbing
    Shoulder to shoulder tape
    Double-needle hems
    Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage
    All material sourced from sustainable sources
    Ethical Production guarantee

    Unisex pocket hoodie
    Regular Fit
    Pullover hood
    Inset sleeves
    Kangaroo pocket
    Heavy weight, 350 GSM
    80% cotton 20% polyester anti-pill fleece
    Lined hood
    Tonal shoestring drawcord
    Sleeve cuff ribbing
    Preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

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