Curiask Brand Sustainability

Curiask is entering the world of fashion and clothes at precisely the right time - just when fashion has started to take sustainability seriously and consumers are awake to the concept of a world with finite resources and the need to use these in a feasible way. 

Our mantra at Curiask is that conducting business in the usual way costs us the Earth! And no fashion piece is ever worth sacrificing our only home for. 

As consumers we have often asked #WhoMadeMyClothes? And as a brand, we want our customers to be comfortable in the knowledge that all our products are sourced responsibly and ethically, from suppliers who treat their workers with kindness and respect, pay them a living wage, and who procure their raw material from sustainable sources. 

Some of the most critical aspects we have chosen to concentrate on in the immediate future are knowing our supply chain and ensuring:

  • Workers in this supply chain choose to work and there is no forced labour
  • No child labour is used in the production of goods we source
  • Workers are paid a living wage to ensure the workers' wages are sufficient to meet the worker's expenses
  • Workers are working according to the national laws pertaining to number of working hours per day and not more
  • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
  • Employment is regular 
  • Workers are not subject to discrimination of any kind
  • Workers are not subjected to inhumane or harsh treatment 
  • Our products are sourced responsibly and ethically

Curiask will put the integrity of our supply chain and the human rights of workers in our supply chain above profits. Every single time. 

This is an area which will continue to be a priority for us here at Curiask. By no means do we claim that we have reached the highest standards of sustainability but we are progressively working towards achieving it, while at the same time raising awareness of this vital element in Business. 

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