About Curiask

About Curiask
When we started Curiask, we wanted more than beautiful clothes. We wanted a brand that not only spoke to the brilliant people, but also encouraged people to think creatively and in the process, become inspiring and brilliant themselves.
A brand that would be more than a status symbol. One that gently nudged humanity in the right direction and emboldened unprecedented progress through the power of curiosity. One question at a time.
If there is one ingredient, in all of history, propelling humanity in a forward trajectory, that ingredient is curiosity. Our ability to wonder, our intellect to ask good questions and our determination to go on a hunt for answers has been the catalyst for the many advances we have seen, and continue to see. This is the most critical element of going from living in caves, hunting and gathering, to progressively elaborate advances in all areas of life so vast, that they would have seemed like impossible, unimaginable feats to our ancestors.
At Curiask, we are confident in making this audacious statement - All breakthroughs, from the small and the seemingly insignificant, like putting wheels on suitcases, to reaching for the stars, are the direct result of the curious among us, keeping their interests alive and continuing to ask "Why".
Think Tesla, Einstein, Musk, Jobs and countless others. Every one of them had curiosity in common. They didn’t settle for the status quo. They asked and pondered and wondered and sought to have their questions answered. And in the process, they changed the world!
Curiask aims to put wonder and exploration at the heart of our Brand and brings you compelling questions to reflect upon, because the next major discovery will be realized through arousing our curiosity, pondering critical questions and becoming contributors of not only raw and original ideas, but also the implementation of existing discoveries which haven't quite found their rightful place yet. Connecting these cross-silos will result in remarkable advances. 
The majority of people believe that inventions and innovations come purely from the chosen few. The "experts". But the reality is, diversity of intellect is the secret sauce to solutions which would otherwise remain hidden.
Take the example of Smallpox. It was ravaging Europe, and scientists brought together for a solution were stumped. The beginnings for the cure for the disease came from the most unlikely source, a dairy farmer, who noticed that the milkmaids were not getting smallpox. As a result, the smallpox vaccination is bovine-based, because of that dairy farmer.
And you’re probably thinking, I am not a scientist, I am not an innovator, I have never even put together a lego set, and heck, I am definitely not a dairy farmer. What can I do? Smallpox may still be ravaging the world, if that’s how the farmer thought.
Curiask aims to inspire unlimited possibilities.
Nothing wonderful has ever come about, without someone asking the right question. So we encourage imagination and intelligent discourse to find the best solutions to some of our curliest problems, and even solutions to some problems we don't even know we have yet. And most importantly, we encourage curiosity and never ceasing to ask 'Why'.
We are Curiask. Join us.