Brand Values

Curiask Brand Values
The Curiask Brand gives customers our unwavering commitment to create ideas that connect people from all around the world.

We have made our message unique and clear so our customers see us for who we are as a brand and an Organization.

Our six values and beliefs are what connects us with our brand, our voice and our customers. They are our battle cry and fuel everything we do, every day, and are deeply ingrained principles that guide all our actions and decisions.

Time - How do we make more time in your world?
Time. Who doesn't need it? It is the most precious commodity in the Universe. You can't buy it. Once it's gone, that's it. And yet time is also the commodity that is often wasted by people. One of the culprits of wasting time, is information overload. While we are surround by information and information sources, yet most of what we encounter, is of little value, and often stands in the way of achieving our life goals. Curiask is the cure to information overload and brings you compelling questions to tackle instead. It lets you contribute your own thoughts and gets your own creative juices flowing.
Curious - Why are we curious?
Every great solution ever discovered, started out with a curious question. This is why Curiosity is our core value. Einstein said it best - "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."

It is only through questioning that we can leap to higher ground and make the world a better world in every possible way.

Our brand aims to mobilize people and embolden them to meet the world's challenges head on, with energy and determination, to pursue and achieve the best solutions to the curliest of problems, through immersion in curiosity. One question at a time. Imagine solutions to dwindling resources and environmental issues. And imagine leaps in technolgoy such as clean energy, better food through science, computerised medicine, a new space age, and even the abolishment of obesity! All is possible. Curiosity is the key. And we all hold it within us. We here at Curiask aim to unleash it.
Building deep connections - How do we help build communities & deep connections?
Talking about the weather, the funny things your kids do or how bad the traffic was on the way to work is safe conversation. Almost everyone relates to it. But it is the big questions that build deep and meaningful connections. Curiask gives you the platform to not only contemplate the big questions yourself, but it also gives those around you the platform to reflect on them too. 
Adventurous - How are we adventurous?
We love challenging people and what better way to do this than to encourage curiosity, discover paths not yet traveled and find true freedoms in the process, for all.

Driven - Why are we driven?
What drives us is the vision of a world, triumphant over all obstacles. Where challenges are met with determination, collaboration, and innovation, with a sense of adventure, finding joy in the journey, and making lasting connections with like-minded individuals. We provide a platform for our customers to explore their curiosity, discover new paths, and collaborate with others, making connections, all while having fun along the way. So the focus of our work is to stop the endless scrolling and instead turn the world's attention towards tackling challenges with confidence, and willpower. One question at a time. 

Innovation - How do we encourage innovation?
The list of people who are not experts, but who made groundbreaking, world changing discoveries is essentially infinite. Some of the most groundbreaking innovations have come from the most unlikely sources. We realize that diversity of intellect and cross-silo thinking are key to breakthrough innovations and our Business is built on this pillar. Curiask gives everyone the platform & confidence to bring their ideas to the forefront. Read some of the innovation stories on the Curiask Blog on how everyday people without a background in a specific field, went on to invent the most novel solutions to existing problems that even the experts hadn't thought of yet. 

Additional commitments
In addition to our six core values, we are also committed to embracing creativity, fostering a culture of inclusivity, promoting personal growth, striving for excellence, and making a positive impact in the world. We believe in encouraging our customers to think outside the box, respect and value diversity, push themselves to reach their full potential, pursue greatness in everything they do, and give back to the community. These values are integral to our brand identity and guide us in everything we do.
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