What are Protons? - Girl's T-shirt
What are Protons? - Girl's T-shirt
What are Protons? - Girl's T-shirt

What are Protons? - Girl's T-shirt

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This Girl's T-shirt asks "What are Protons?" 

This is a scientific question that falls under the category of physics and more specifically, particle physics. Protons are fundamental particles that make up the atoms of all matter! They have a positive electric charge and are found in the nucleus of an atom along with neutrons, which have no electric charge.

Understanding the nature of protons is essential to understanding the structure of matter and how it behaves. Protons play a crucial role in determining the chemical properties of an element, such as its atomic number and reactivity. Their interactions with other particles also play a role in nuclear reactions, including fusion and fission.

Asking questions like "What are protons?" and follow-up questions like, "What is a proton made of? What is the function of a proton? Where are protons used? What is the difference between Protons and Electrons? Where did Protons come from? Can protons be seen with the naked eye? Is Proton a subatomic particle?" can help kids gain a deeper understanding of the physical world around them and inspire them to explore the wonders of science. 

Curiask invites you to flick on your curiosity switch and go on a treasure hunt of answers, discoveries, conversations, and connections. Poignant change is here. And it starts with you!

What are protons?

The Curiask brand has forever changed fashion as a status symbol. Our clothes stand for poignant change and discovery!

Every piece brings you one compelling question to ponder and reflect upon. Because if history has taught us one thing, it is that every discovery of any significance is the result of arousing our curiosity, asking the right questions, and going on a hunt to find answers.

Curiask helps you connect, share your thoughts and ideas, find unique perspectives, evolve to more questions, and go down conversation & innovation paths you may never have discovered otherwise. Join Curiask!

How to Measure:

  • Lay an existing t-shirt flat.
  • Body Width: Measure 3cm below armpit, from one side to the other.
  • Body Length: Measure from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the t-shirt.

Men's Sizing chart

Body Width (cm)
Body Length (cm)
Small 47 71
Medium 52 75
Large 56.5 78.5
XL 61 82
2XL 64 83.5
3XL 68 85
4XL 75 87
5XL 80 89


Women's Sizing chart

Body Width (cm)
Body Length (cm)
XSM 45.5 63.5
SML 48 64.5
MED 50.5 65.5
LGE 53 66.5
XL 55.5 67.5
2XL 58 68.5


 Kids Sizing chart

Body Width (cm)
Body Length (cm)
Kids 2 31 42
Kids 4 34 46
Kids 6 37 50
Kids 8 39.5 54
Kids 10 42 58
Kids 12 44.5 62
Kids 14 47 66
    100% combed cotton
    Regular Fit
    Mid-weight, 180 GSM, 28-singles
    Neck ribbing
    Shoulder to shoulder tape
    Double-needle hems
    Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage
    All material sourced from sustainable sources
    Ethical Production guarantee

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